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PayAnalytics is a world-leading pay equity software solution used by employers around the world to ensure the salaries they offer are fair. The solution measures pay gaps, gives concrete suggestions on how to close them and supports real-time decisions regarding salary changes and new hire salaries so that pay gaps don’t reappear. The solution works for both gender pay gaps (male, female, non-binary) and for pay gaps related to any other demographic groups, such as race, nationality, or age.

When it comes to bringing fairness into all salary decisions, the PayAnalytics team is pushing the envelope, and we are looking for new talent to join our team in a variety of roles.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are companies, municipalities, government institutions, and HR and compensation consultants. Our solution is being used in workplaces ranging from 30 to 140,000 employees. Our users are in 40 countries on six continents and are in every corner of the economy.

Who are we?

PayAnalytics was founded in 2016 by a team that is passionate about fairness, math, and building great software. Our shared vision is that it should be easy for all organizations around the world to close their pay gaps. We are a family-friendly workplace headquartered in Groska, Reykjavík, but we fully support remote work and have team members in Sweden, Germany, Spain, and the US.

Our software development and sales and marketing teams maintain close communication. Our engineers have ownership over the features they work on and are empowered to suggest improvements. We are growing fast, so working at PayAnalytics offers opportunities for professional growth into new technologies and new application domains.

Who are we looking for?

You can apply for the current open opportunities by clicking the links here.

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer

UI Developer

Lead Graphic Designer

Quality Assurance Manager

PayAnalytics has partnered with Geko for our hiring process, to ensure a fair and consistent approach for sourcing talent for the team.

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Listen to one of PayAnalytics founders Margrét Vilborg talking about our solution and why it matters, here.

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