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WuXi NextCODE 10. Aug 2018 Fullt starf

Are you interested in working in an international, creative and innovative environment? Are you up to speed with and willing to learn more about the latest web development methods?

WuXi NextCODE is looking for software developers passionate about developing elegant and functional user interfaces on the web. Our application is built with Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, React and SASS and stores its data in GORdb, Postgres or Oracle and Redis. We are in the middle of separating our front-end and backend concerns where our ultimate goal is to have backend services provided by either the team or other teams and the front-end built entirely in React. We release in Docker containers which are run either in a cloud service or on customer owned hardware. We’re currently building in Jenkins and Bitbucket pipelines, pushing to Dockerhub and deploying with Ansible. We need people who can wrangle these technologies and can work on backend and/or front-end.

Key qualifications:

• Experience working with current web technologies

• Curious and enthusiastic team player attitude

Experience with the following is desirable:

• React

• Rails

• GraphQL


WuXi NextCODE is a genomic information company with offices in Shanghai, Cambridge, MA; and Reykjavik, Iceland. We offer unique and comprehensive capabilities for generating, organizing, mining, sharing and applying genomic data, serving customers of a broad spectrum; including clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and consumers who want to be more pro-active about their health management.

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