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Dohop is looking for a UI Designer with comprehensive experience in designing intuitive user interfaces for mobile and web applications. Additionally, the ideal candidate has a good understanding of user experience design and principles.

You will be working cross-functionally with our product-, engineering- and commercial teams, as well as with our partners, to design intuitive user interfaces that delight and support our customers. Additionally, you will be working in our design team, forming our design strategy and roadmap, prioritising projects and coming up with innovative solutions.

What you can expect to work on from day-to-day:
– Creating wireframes, prototypes and high-fidelity mockups based on user requirements and user feedback
– Maintaining our digital design system and style guide
– Creating designs and design components that are intuitive and enable a smooth user experience
– Working on several projects simultaneously with different stakeholders while ensuring consistency in our designs
– Maintaining creative quality by evaluating and testing all designs, making sure that features are getting implemented per spec with consistency.
– Ensuring that design best practices are followed and that all work meets a high standard.

Here are some of the advantages of working at Dohop:
– Flexibility in terms of when and where to work.
– Competitive salary.
– Regular social events.
– Quarterly Hackathons.
– On annual remote trips, the entire company goes and works at a new location for a week or – two. Last summer, we went to Boston.
– Green commuting grant
– Shared company car to run errands.
– Need to HOPP during business hours on weekdays? Paid by Dohop.
– Home internet and mobile paid for.
– An in-house coach that meets with teams and individuals.
– Daily lunch is provided by Dohop.
– Flexible holidays you decide when and how long you would like to take off.
– A dog-friendly office and the possibility to pet a different dog every day of the week.

Here’s what we’re looking for in people:
– You are fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’re not afraid to make mistakes or make a fool of yourself every now and then.
– You are welcoming, you know and appreciate that people come from different experiences, and treat everyone with respect regardless of their position in life.
– You are driven, ambitious, and hard-working. You work towards your goals, both in your personal life and at work.
– You are solution-oriented and don’t mind asking difficult questions. Where others see challenges, you see opportunities.
– You are open-minded: You know your own limitations, which is why you are open-minded and willing to try new things.
– You know that sometimes taking a step back is necessary to move forward and that sometimes the weirdest ideas make the best solutions.

If that sounds like you, apply now!
Someone from our team will review your application to see if your skills and experience match the job, and get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to know a little more about Dohop and what we do?
Dohop is an Icelandic technology company with 17 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in the field of aviation and travel. Our core technology is focused on connecting the unconnected, helping people to find and create connecting itineraries. Being at the forefront of digital innovation in the field of virtual interline technology, Dohop has developed solutions such as Dohop Interline and Dohop Intermodal for forward-thinking airlines, alliances, and airports around the globe, for example, easyJet, Transavia, Air France, Vueling, Air Transat, Norse. More information can be found on Dohop.com.

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