Tech lead for a new SaaS product / Senior software developer

Sling 5. Oct 2020 Fullt starf

We are looking for driven and talented software developers to join our team. If you’re excited to build a new product from scratch, like getting shit done, have the grit to see the idea develop from a prototype to an MVP and to a fully fledged product, generally stay positive, and self-identify as a team player, – this is a great place to grow your career.

Get in touch if you have extensive experience with Python, Postgres, Docker, AWS and generally like solving complex problems.

We are a B2B SaaS company that has a worldwide distribution with a product in the growth stage on the market already. Today, we are starting a new product and are putting together a team to work on it. You can be part of that team!

Our first product – Sling (, a scheduling and communication solution for deskless SMBs, has over 300K users across over 100 countries. With a solid growing business today, we are starting product number two – Inch (, a task management and time tracking software for multi-location jobs, targeting the same customer base as Sling.

For us, it’s a great fun to build products for the end-user and be part of a company that owns the customer relationship from A to Z. Imagine, you ship something in the morning and get feedback from around the world in the afternoon from a variety of industries and countries. If it gets you excited too, apply now!

Please send CV to

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