System Integration Engineer

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The role of the System Integration Engineer is to interconnect different business systems which are important to the execution of the company’s business goals. The company utilizes various different, specialized, business systems to operate specific functions in the company. The purpose of this role is to ensure interoperability between these specific systems. The systems include the company’s CRM system, help center system, marketing automation system, company websites, and some of the company’s own products.

This role requires a highly technical person with a passion for customer success. Strong stakeholder management skills, sense for prioritization, deep understanding of software technology and various APIs, along with excellent communication skills will make you the right candidate for this position. As a member of the Marketing and Products team, you will work with various members from the organization, such as Sales, Service, Development, and IT.


  • Collect requirements for integration and build a prioritized plan for integration.
  • Collect requirements for custom modifications to any of the company’s business platforms, work with stakeholders to prioritize and implement.
  • Configure and use the APIs in the company’s business platforms; Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Navision, ZenDesk Support, Mailchimp, websites, and some of the company’s own products.
  • Ensure continuous operations with these integrations by troubleshooting and remedying.
  • Participate in change projects for the company’s business platforms, such as by testing, and implementing.
  • Any other related tasks that may apply.

Qualifications and Experience

  • The following qualifications and experience will be considered when evaluating applicants:
  • B.Sc. in a technology degree such as computer science or engineering.
  • Experience with Microsoft CRM or ZenDesk Support.
  • Experience with integration projects of IT systems.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with IT and networking.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Deep understanding of managing stakeholders and building priorities
  • Have a service minded attitude towards customers.
  • Ability to work independently and function as an important member of a team.

All inquiries and applications will be replied to and treated with full confidentiality.

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Deadline for applications is up to and including February 29th 2020.