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PayAnalytics is a leading workplace equity software used by employers around the world to ensure fair pay. Our solution measures and visualizes pay gaps, suggests concrete approaches to closing them, and supports real-time compensation decision making so that pay gaps don’t reappear. The solution gives insight into diversity, hiring, and attrition, and makes it easier to identify and address inequities within groups, including gender, race, nationality, among others.

When it comes to bringing fairness into all salary decisions, the PayAnalytics team is pushing the envelope, and we are looking for a Software Engineer to join us.

Who are our customers?
Our customers are analysts and HR managers within companies and government institutions, but our solution is used by human resources and compensation consultancies, as well as legal offices. Our software is used in 75+ countries by employers of all sizes, from small businesses of 30 to global enterprises of 200,000, and has positively impacted the lives of over 1 million employees in every corner of the economy.

Who are we?
PayAnalytics was founded in 2016 by a team that’s passionate about equal pay, math, and building great software. We believe it should be easy for all employers, no matter where they are in the world, to close their pay gaps. We are a flexible and family-friendly workplace headquartered in Gróska in Reykjavík, Iceland, but we fully support remote work and have team members in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the U.S.

Our dev team strives to continuously improve. Here are a few reasons we think you might you like us:

  • We do peer reviews to learn from each other
  • We go through a design process for new features
  • We use an automated build pipeline with automated deployment to a development environment (we’re aiming for deploy-to-prod on merge)
  • We highly value an automated testing mindset
  • Our people get the best available tools to do their jobs
  • We work in a sprint configuration

What will you do?
In this role, you’ll focus on the API part of our SaaS solution, which is written in python/Django/DRF. You’ll also help us to improve our infrastructure, which is hosted on AWS, so our solution can continue to run smoothly.

Our API layer poses an exciting challenge for a few reasons:

  • How we efficiently handle storing sensitive data for multiple customers
  • How we parallelize our workloads leveraging AWS Lambda; and
  • How we keep the solution lightning fast for large international customers

We use python typing, run ruff/black/pylint to keep our codebase in good shape, and have a container-based architecture.

Who are you?
You have a university degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics and are comfortable working with statistics and mathematical concepts. You have two or more years of professional experience working with python. Experience with AWS and working in JavaScript/TypeScript will be helpful for this role, but are not required.

How to apply?
Send us your application through our HR platform.

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