Software Engineer at a leading EdTech firm

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Affekta is hiring a software developer to join our C# and .NET 6 app and web application development team.

We are a leading EdTech firm with European and domestic funding.

We are working on the second version of our software after finishing requirement analysis.

We seek an individual with experience in C# and .NET 6, who is interested in joining us in our mission to make learning and education enjoyable and inclusive for everyone.

We have a tightly-knit motivated team and excellent collaboration with leading domestic and international educational institutions.

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who enjoys learning new things and solving problems through good collaboration.

We have funding via both Icelandic Center of Research and also European Union grants.

Main responsibilities:
• Develop and maintain new software which has the goal to provide AI powered automatic formative assessment and personalized learning with emphasis on adapting to each student´s needs and make learning enjoyable.
• Develop the C# and Blazor WASM front end.
• Develop the ASP.NET API services backend with Azure cloud data storage and Azure application services.
• Work on implementing our specifications for version 2 of our system.
• Work with our collaborators, such as teachers who use our system for their re- and upskilling and highschool and University courses, on gathering feedback which has the purpose to improve our system.
• Transfer teacher feedback to software requirements.
• Work on integrating our system with educational systems that our software interacts with though learning system data exchange standards such as LTI, xAPI and SCORM.

• Bachelor‘s Degree in Computer Science or comparable education is required.
• At least 3 years’ experience in C# and .NET is beneficial.
• Experience from the educational domain is advantageous, but not necessary.
• Experience in JavaScript and MSSQL is a plus.
• Experience with Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, is valued.
• Experience with project management software such as Asana, is valued.
• Experience with Azure cloud services, is valued.

Highly desired:
• Open-minded and positive team player.
• A fast learner that can upskill rapidly, based on solid technical grounding.
• A person who takes initiative and strives for continuous improvement.
• A positive mindset and willingness to work with enthusiastic people on gaining visible results in the form of satisfied students and teachers.
• Interest in scientific research and ability to read scientific papers that describe the development of state of the art educational software is valued, but not necessary.

This is an opportunity to develop new software in close collaboration with our partners and see tangible results from the development in the form of satisfied students.

This is an opportunity to make an impact and positively affect the lives of many people.

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Please submit your application along with a CV and cover letter. The application deadline is September 15th, but we go over applications when they arrive.