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Pikkoló is looking for a software developer to build the first sustainable delivery platform for online grocery shopping.

What is Pikkoló?

Pikkoló is a sustainable delivery platform for online grocery shopping. We design and build environmentally-friendly grocery pickup stations where people live and work. We develop software so your favorite online grocery vendors can level up their online delivery options by using our delivery service. To minimize the carbon footprint of online grocery shopping, we deliver using electric vehicles and design algorithms that optimize grocery delivery routes.

Pikkoló is easy to use:

  1. Shop online at your favorite grocery store as you usually would do.
  2. During the check-out flow, choose a nearby Pikkoló station as your pick-up location.
  3. Receive a pickup code through SMS / email when your order is ready.
  4. Pick up your order at the nearby station whenever it suits you.

By using Pikkoló:

  • You’ll never have to be stuck at home for a couple of hours while waiting for your delivery to arrive.
  • You’ll never have to rush to the grocery store after work and stress-buy food that then gets wasted.
  • You’ll be part of reducing road traffic of deliveries in cities, minimizing emissions and pollution.

What will you be doing?

As a developer at Pikkoló, you’ll:

  • Work on all parts of the Pikkoló development environment – API, SDK, app and embedded software.
  • Work in a developer-friendly environment where the focus is on personal growth and continuous improvement, using technology such as CI/CD and tests to help, and working collaboratively through constructive code reviews.
  • Make infrastructure choices, ensuring resiliency, security, and scalability.

Pikkoló’s platform currently has the following components:

  • A REST API that defines core interactions of the platform
  • An open-source SDK for online grocery stores, which makes it super easy for grocery stores to interact with the platform.
  • User-facing website / mobile app
  • Embedded software in Pikkoló stations and smart pickup carts.
  • Algorithms that help us place future Pikkoló stations and optimize pickup routes.

Who are we looking for?

  • An open-minded builder with a strong appetite for making things happen and figuring things out on the go.
  • A friendly and humorous person with excellent communication abilities.
  • Someone who cares about the user experience and knows that the best technology makes the user’s life easier without being noticed.
  • A human being with a passion for sustainability that wants to take part in defining what the city of the future will look and feel like.

What do I get?

  • Fair and transparent salary.
  • Equity in Pikkoló. Building a company is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • An opportunity to shape the future of online grocery delivery in a sustainable way.
  • Taking on diverse projects, everything from API design to mobile UI development to algorithm design to hardware programming.
  • Whatever tools you need to deliver your best work.
  • Flexible working hours.

What is the interview and hiring process like?

Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Have an untraditional background? Apply anyway! Our team is already a mix of self-taught and formally educated people. Don’t self-select out!

During the interview process:

  • You’ll meet the founders to discuss the vision of Pikkoló.
  • You’ll meet with our technical advisor for a 1-1 interview.
  • Finally, you’ll deliver a short take-home programming project (4-6 hours).

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