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About 50skills

50skills is transforming employee onboarding.

It is used by thousands of managers in high-turnover industries ranging from retail, hospitality, ready-made-food, tech and transportation to reduce the timeframe between onboarding and employees actively fulfilling their roles.

It accomplishes this by centralizing employee data, eliminating repetitive data entry tasks across multiple systems, and integrating with the tools and services employers already use.

50skills is a young company in the first stages of growth, and we are looking for the right person to become an integral part of the team.

We want to have our workplace as diverse as possible and sincerely encourage all genders and ethnicities to apply.

Our offices are located at Gróska, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Job

We’re a small, growing team at 50skills and even though we all have our areas of expertise, we all wear many hats. You will do your best to help us improve internal processes, review code & designs and more.

You’d be working with an experienced team and your work will be in the front-end, back-end or infrastructure all depending on where your interests and expertise lie.

Our front-end apps are written in React/TypeScript.

Our backend-end apps are currently written in Python using Django and Flask.

Our infrastructure tools include Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis and an assortment of smaller task specific tools.


  • 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Knowledgable in Python and/or TypeScript
  • Experience or interest using test-driven development
  • Positive attitude
  • No job too small attitude

Nice to have

  • Experience in architecting distributed systems
  • Working with containerized environments
  • Working in a startup or small company

Perks & Benefits

We have a family-friendly work environment with a flexible work-from-home policy.

You get to pick the equipment you need or want.

Gym membership (which happens to be in the same building).

Paid internet for your mobile and home.

Lunch at the office is currently delivered, but a food hall is opening up in the building. We have a weekly team lunch at a location of a member’s choosing.

Bus membership (we support employees who use public transportation).

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