Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

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Controlant is looking for a talented Senior Quality Assurance Engineer to join our R&D team and participate in testing & validation activities for our HW & SW solutions.

This position is for established industry professionals with leadership potential who specialise in quality assurance and software engineering to contribute to the testing, vision, strategy and leadership of Controlant’s Quality Assurance team. They will demonstrate a strong competence of agile quality assurance testing, mastery of software development to enhance their testing efforts and mentor other less senior QA engineers. Supporting Controlant’s R&D department, they will provide mentorship, technical expertise, automated tests, development tooling and agile testing expertise for the purposes of providing feedback on the correctness and none-functional attributes of Controlant’s software and systems. The employee is expected to be capable of managing their time and priorities relating to testing demands of their team and execute on their ideas for the QA team’s efforts for larger scope changes to the QA efforts. They are expected to work unassisted by a more senior QA Engineer in day-to-day work and assist other QA Engineers as required.


  • Mentor less senior QA Engineers in the best practices of QA and software development

  • Design and develop automated tests

  • Coaching Controlant teams in QA best practices

  • Create, document and maintain test cases in collaboration with product development teams

  • Execute manual tests where no other technical solution is possible

  • Arranging access to shared testing resources (such as outsourced labour)

  • Participate in defining and evolving R&D’s quality standards and procedures

  • Ensure products meet quality standards and regulatory requirements

  • Review and analyse system specifications in an effort to increase testability of designs

  • Grow their skillset to meet the demands of the team

  • Perform other duties as requested


  • 3+ years of using one or more of the following programming languages: NodeJS, Java, C#, C and/or Python

  • 3+ years of development testing frameworks for unit, performance and/or system testing

  • 3+ years experience as a QA Tester or QA Engineer embedded in a team

  • Teachable knowledge of version control software, such as git or subversion

  • Charming, Convincing and Civilised communication skills

Who We Are

At Controlant, we’re improving patient and consumer safety and reducing waste in the global supply chain. We’re building innovative cloud and IoT technologies that help businesses in the life sciences and food sectors gain more efficiency, deliver quality products at all levels of the cold chain, minimize global waste, and have a positive environmental impact.

What We Value

Creativity: We believe in fostering creativity and innovation.

Transparency: We believe in transparency in our work and with our customers.

Excellence: We believe in high quality and setting the standard for excellence.

Fun: We believe in making work enjoyable; it keeps us coming back.

Controlant is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. We embrace diversity and invite applications from people of all walks of life. We don’t discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status, or any other differences. Also, if you have a disability, please let us know if there’s any way we can make the interview process better for you; we’re happy to accommodate.

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