Senior HPC engineer

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Are you the right candidate to be a part of the Advania Data Centers high performance computing engineering team?

Due to increased demand for Advania Data Centers High Performance Computing solutions and services, we seek to hire a Senior HPC engineer with a solid operational background to join our team and play an instrumental part in the evolvement of the companies HPC services and solutions.


  • Work with the Advania Data Centers HPC Team on operating and building Advania Data Centers HPCFLOW solution.
  • Work with the Advania Data Centers HPC Team on improving operational procedures.
  • Work with customers on the delivery and support of HPC Clusters.
  • Work in a consultancy role with customers, helping them define cluster requirements and implementation details.

Base Qualifications

  • Evidence of exceptional ability
  • Exemplary knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of infrastructure and networking
  • Knowledge of bash, scripting and automation

Qualifications that are beneficiary to the role

  • Knowledge of HPC Schedulers and applications
  • Knowledge of Linux Performance analysis, observability, benchmarking, tuning tools and monitoring
  • Knowledge of compilers, build processes
  • Knowledge of Intel Omni Path or InfiniBand
  • Knowledge with Cloud services

Advania Data Centers HPC team is an innovative team of HPC veterans delivering true HPC solutions to the companies fast growing group of enterprise customers globally.

We develop and operate a globally leading Supercomputing platform, HPCFLOW, and engages with current and potential customers on technical requirements and solution configurations, performance tuning as well as support to demanding workloads that are operated on Advania Data Centers Supercomputers.

Advania Data Centers HPC experts deliver HPC clusters on premise, Hosted HPC Clusters in Advania Data Center facilities or HPC as a Service (cloud) where customers use clusters operated by Advania Data Centers that can be dedicated clusters or on demand HPC for temporary workloads.

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You can apply for the Senior HPC Engineering position by email including a cover letter and your CV at