Senior Front End Specialist

Travelshift 7. Mar 2019 Fullt starf

Travelshift is looking to hire a new Senior Front End Specialist for its Reykjavik office in Borgartún. The candidate will be a member of our IT department and report to the CEO of Travelshift.

We need someone with expertise in frontend web design, HTML, CSS, react.js.

Daily responsibilities include:

  1. Make sure front end (React) works, loads quickly and isn’t jerky
  2. Guiding front end development.
  3. Come up with improvements in both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) alongside designers.
  4. Ensure timely delivery from frontend development teams.
  5. Improve page load time and response time for development


  1. JavaScript Grand-Mastery
  2. React Mastery
  3. HTML+CSS Mastery
  4. Able to help others succeed (Leadership)
  5. JavaScript DevOps experience
  6. PHP / Python / Shell scripting skills preferred


  1. You get to lead frontend teams
  2. You are able to influence UI and UX
  3. You get to implement new technologies


  1. Have a positive outlook
  2. Be confrontational when needed
  3. Be self-motivated
  4. Have initiative

Travelshift is a marketplace software solution for smaller service providers join together and succeed. In just one year Guide to Iceland, our licensee company in Iceland, became the most popular travel website in the country, and within two years it had become the largest marketplace of Icelandic travel services. If this fits you, apply and join our team

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