Senior Front-end Developer

Aranja 4. May 2018 Fullt starf

Do you engineer beautiful web apps and performant web games? Are you independent, disciplined and a good team player? If so, we might be looking for you!

Aranja pushes the boundaries of web technologies to implement beautiful, responsive designs. We use the latest web standards, tools, and techniques at any given time but today our favorites are React, Ember, Webpack, and Styled Components.

We are a team of engineers that take on projects, no matter the size, and deliver products beyond expectations. As a senior developer, you stay informed and can take your team to the next level by leading on-site training or consulting—You are an expert in your profession.


  • At least 4 years of front-end development experience.

  • Strong personal organizational skills and attention to detail.

  • Experience in leading small/medium sized teams.

  • Good eye for design aesthetics and a feel for a good user experience.

  • An expertise in either React or Ember, or both.

  • Empathy towards clients, coworkers and the community.

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