Senior Data Engineer

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Your mission:

You will be designing and implementing the data collection and analytics infrastructure to support game design, business, operations and data driven features in the game. All this in a central role for the analytics and data collection and as part of a fantastically experienced team of game developers, designers, cloud developers and data scientists. The work has just begun so you can, and you should, make your mark on the system as well as be part of defining the company culture.

Outcomes we’d like to see for the first 12-18 months:
  1. You will design and build a data collection and analytics system from scratch. Of course not alone, but you will be in the lead role for the technical part. Once the game goes live for a large audience all systems must be robust and automated to support operational analytics.
  2. You are the “go to” person for “all things related to setting up data collection and large scale processing of data. Especially where they interface with other systems and features.
  3. You will actively look for improvements in the development processes and possibilities to automate reporting or data analysis. Take part in the designing the whole architecture supporting a large MMO.

Your responsibilities:

We expect you to bring in the vision on how to build data pipelines and analytic systems so that they scale to massive data volumes. With a twist that we will support the game development throughout the whole process, not just when it’s live. You start producing useful systems right now, even with very low data volumes. 

To reach your goals you’ll need a solid knowledge and fair amount of experience in cloud technologies, big data systems and you should be well versed in toolings and processes of software development. You’ll be in charge of your domain and expected to master it, in a very friendly, supportive and experienced company.

What we are looking for:

  • You have some 5 years of experience in building data pipelines and big data analytics systems.
  • You have proficiency in cloud technologies with several years of experience in some platform.
  • You are able to lead the work in your domain.
  • You are comfortable to work in a tight team.
  • You are able to convert needs from design and business into system design that supports them.

The tech stack is not fully set yet but to do some name dropping such things are in discussions: Terraform, Docker, Spark, Python, AWS (Redshift, Kinesis, EMR, lambda, etc,)

About Mainframe:

We have a human-friendly, equal-opportunity workplace that values collaboration, independence, and empathy.

We have offices in Reykjavik and Helsinki. Both our offices are centrally located and we offer you top of the line work conditions.

If you have any questions about the position you can reach Jouni Kallunki our Head of Analytics at jouni(at)

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