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NGL, a Pollard Banknote Company, is looking for a passionate, self-motivated, and experienced backend developer to join our agile teams in delivering secure, high-performance and reliable game services for lottery instant games. A Backend Developer at NGL is responsible for designing, developing and testing software services within their team. NGL Backend Developers work in cross-functional teams which practice Agile Software Development where shared responsibility, cooperation, and team spirit are valued.

Your profile

  • You care about your craft and can clearly convey your passion by your actions, rather than just waffly statements in your CV.
  • You are a strong advocate of good software practices.
  • You are experienced in software design and can engage in eloquent dialogue on a range of topics due to your past experience.
  • You have initiative, can lead others by example.
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and ideas with your peers.
  • Your English skills, written and spoken, are solid.
  • For you, it is not just a job.

You will participate in analyzing, designing, developing, documenting, testing, and installing NGL’s Gaming Services. We also expect you to take part in code reviews, professional knowledge sharing with peers, mentoring less experienced team members, project and release planning.


Our backend stack is mostly Java, but we are experimenting with many other languages and technologies. Here are some technologies we currently use:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot, VertX
  • REST, OpenAPI, OAuth, OpenID Connect
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • AMQP/RabbitMQ
  • Git
  • PostgreSQL

We have been transitioning towards a cloud-based architecture and are relying heavily on AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker containers. Our architecture is loosely coupled and as long as we do development fulfilling APIs and containerize them as services in docker containers, we have really decent flexibility in the implementation details.

Our Offer

We emphasize having a great working environment and offer the following to our employees:

  • A truly great working environment
  • Modern office space with high quality equipment
  • Social activities
  • Events that encourage innovation
  • Attending conferences and community events, both as participants and contributors

NGL’s objective is to deliver the most innovative solutions that will render industry-leading returns to good causes in an ethically responsible way. NGL emphasizes a friendly, lively, and respectful workplace atmosphere, where team spirit is highly valued.

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