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Do you want to work in a supportive environment where people believe in innovating through experimentation and research? Do you love to travel and want to have an impact on the future of the travel sector by working closely with industry leaders? Then you might be in the right place.

With travel being back for good and the multi-day sector catching up with increasing demand, as an established tech company that has one decade of experience in the field, our team is and will be growing. We welcome applications from high-potential candidates with varied experiences and skills and we are always excited when applicants bring in expertise from the travel sector.

About Kaptio

  • Kaptio is an international Travel Tech company, founded and headquartered in Reykjavik, with operations in Iceland, UK, and Canada. We have successfully enabled ambitious travel brands to grow with our product, the Kaptio Travel Platform, built on Salesforce.

  • Our vision is to become the market leader for multi-day travel technology.

  • Our team is comprised of around 40 software product specialists and travel industry experts who are passionate about travel with innovation at heart.

  • Our spirited, iterative, and trustworthy nature guides us through our mission to enable ambitious multi-day travel brands to achieve sustainable growth.

  • We believe that people collaborate best in person. We make sure to offer working spaces in our locations that have comfortable and spacious facilities with meeting rooms and quiet areas for our teams to work together. We make sure that everyone can be included, regardless of their location and hybrid collaboration is at the heart of Kaptio as an international company.

Salesforce Developers are crucial for our success and your capabilities are highly valued. You will join a small and an expanding team, where you will have the chance to grow and influence our future successes.

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