React Front-End Developer

Getlocal 26. Jan 2023 Fullt starf

Do you enjoy building beautiful and performant web and mobile interfaces? Join us at Getlocal where we are building a Travel Website CMS for the masses.

What you’ll be doing
– Creating performant and easy-to-use user interfaces for both the CMS Admin Application and the Travel Websites.
– Collaborating with a cross-functional team in defining and implementing new features, and improving old ones.
– Managing our Design Systems.
– Some light backend work. You likely won’t be touching any databases, but you will be communicating with APIs and writing some smaller standalone functions.

What we’re looking for
– Expertise in modern front-end frameworks like React
– A passion for delivering great user experiences
– Excellent at working with RESTful and GraphQL API layers.
– Experience with version control such as Git.
– Familiarity with GCP or other cloud providers
– A strong sense of UI/UX design and layout.

Experience with React and Typescript is a requirement for this position.

The tech we’re working with
– React, Typescript, Next.js
– Node.js
– Fauna
– Google Cloud
– Firebase
– Storybook

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To apply, please send an email to with your CV and a short description of why you are interested in the position. All applications will be kept confidential.