Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)

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Hi! We at Solid Clouds are looking to grow our team in 2022.

Solid Clouds is an MMO game developer dedicated to creating deep and meaningful gaming experiences on Mobile and PC. Our team comprises multidisciplinary talents who drive to deliver the highest quality gameplay experiences possible. Today we seek to grow our team to scale up and take on the exciting challenge of launching our new mobile game, Starborne Frontiers.

Your Responsibilities:
* Work closely with our Game Developers and Art team by executing manual tests on new game mechanics and experiences.
* Lead engineering efforts for writing and conducting automated tests
* Contribute to the design and development of test frameworks and environments

Skills and Experience:
* A degree in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or equivalent.
* Have passion and deep knowledge of gaming trends, both for Mobile and PC.
* Great communication skills, with excellent written and spoken English.

* Experience with Unity3D
* Experience with GitHub

Join us in developing the frontier!

Egill Sigurjonsson
Solid Clouds

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If you are interested, please shoot me a CV directly at egillsig@solidclouds.com