QA Automation Engineer

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Job descriptions and requirements:

  • 4+ years of professional experience in QA Automation of Web and backend/API testing.
  • Excellent knowledge of different testing methods, techniques, types and methodologies.
  • Experience in creating test documentation (test strategy, test plans, etc.).
  • Solid skills in JavaScript or similar languages.
  • Experience working in an iterative software development environment using
  • Agile frameworks such as Scrum.
  • Upper-intermediate level of English fluency or higher.
  • Troubleshooting mindset, an ability to break down systems or processes into smaller pieces to identify the failure of modules.
  • Excellent communication skills, a strong sense of responsibility, strong attention to detail, ability to work within a team environment, and good learning skills.


  • Experience with version control systems (git).


  • Own and implement test automation frameworks from scratch.

  • Develop automated functional UI tests & API/Service level tests.

  • Integrate automated scripts into the CI/CD process.

  • Develop, maintain and expand automated testing scope & QA infrastructure.

  • Devise and document test frameworks, coding standards, design patterns, and development methodologies.

  • Uphold code quality using peer reviews to ensure guidelines and standards are being followed.

  • Define quality metrics and implement measurements to determine test effectiveness, testing efficiency, and assess the technical quality of the product.

  • Draw conclusions and report on the quality of the product often and regularly.
  • Collaborate with other QA team members to automate the test processes.
  • Manage, analyze and mitigate testing risks.
  • Technical advice and consultation for peers.

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Please send your application to Pétur Einarsson, HR Director at Should you need further information or have any questions you can call us on + 354 860 2915.