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Sling is the world’s most popular scheduling software for non-desk industries such as catering, hospitality, cleaning and logistics — just try googling “shift scheduling”!

We have paying customers in over 80 different countries that are now coming out of lockdown and ramping up business — benefiting our bottom line and bolstering our ambition. The maturity and success of Sling now enables us to approach other domains besides shift scheduling. This is the start of a portfolio of successful SaaS solutions sorely missing in non-desk industries.

Inch: Our new product

Inch is the first of such ventures — a new task management solution for non-desk workplaces that we have started developing. See our teaser landing page on to get a sense of the product. It’s launching on November 19 this year.

The product we’re building. It’s all about managing multi-location schedules for the non desk industries.

We consider the non-desk world to be about ten years behind when it comes to easy-to-use software solutions in day-to-day work. Our understanding of the non-desk industries from Sling gives us insight and access to hard-to-reach but numerous and valuable customers. The idea of Inch was born working with our current customers and listening to their feedback.

Task management is a crowded space, but industries like home care and cleaning services need specialised takes on task management with a strong focus on accountability, data protection, security and location management. That’s what we are building, with all the bells and whistles that people have come to expect of top tier SaaS task management solutions.

The Inch team is five members strong, all working at the Reykjavík office in Guðrúnartún.


We’re building a GraphQL API using modern typed Python. The libraries we’ve chosen so far are Starlette, Strawberry and SQLAlchemy 1.4 — all typed and running on the asyncio event loop. We presented our typed stack at Reykjavík JS Meetup earlier this month (November).

We are looking for an experienced Python developer that loves to ship features and work with frontend engineers. We have solid backend foundations built with modern Python on top of AWS. There will be some AWS infrastructure work involved.

If any of this sounds interesting, we’d be happy to invite you over to our office to talk about our product, process and tech. We’ll make some nice coffee, show you parts of the codebase, what we are currently working on and take it from there.


We are looking for on-premise people to join our Reykjavík development office, in the charming factory loft in Kaaber Húsið, right behind Advania in Borgartún.


  • 💵 Competitive salaries
  • 🙋🏼‍♀️ Autonomy and ownership
  • 🍲 Catered lunch
  • 🍻 Beer on Fridays
  • 🎱 Pool table
  • 💻 New and modern hardware
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family friendly working hours
  • 💅 Clean codebase

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