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What is Avo?

Today’s successful businesses are the ones with the best user experience. They rely on analytics to make good business decisions every day. The problem is that while there are plenty of customer analytics solutions out there, over time every company begins to suffer from analytics debt, drowning in inaccurate, duplicative, and incomprehensible data, leading to wrong decisions and lack of trust in data. 

It’s time to change that.

Avo is the next generation of analytics governance, helping companies ensure that their existing and future tracking data is clean and functional, so they can make informed decisions that drive growth.

We are a team of skilled developers and data scientists, experienced with building successful consumer products and shaping high performing data cultures. We have solved this problem at scale at QuizUp (100m users, backed by Sequoia and Tencent). We are passionate about building outstanding tools for developers and product teams, so they can ship products fast without compromising data quality.

We are supported by world class investors that we admire, including Y Combinator, GGV and Heavybit, who all provide exceptional knowledge that’s relevant for taking a developer focused b2b SaaS product to market.

What is it like to work at Avo?

Avo is a high-performing, fast-moving, international startup. We are remote-first and async-first. We maintain availability for synchronous comms and fast decision-making from 3-6pm GMT. We strive for clear written communication that drives fast resolution, and over-communicate by default.

We’re early, so you’ll have an opportunity to shape not just our business, but the company itself: who we work with, and how we work together.

Below are some of the values we share as a team, so if you like these, you may enjoy working with us. (And if you don’t like them, please tell us what we’re missing in our thinking!)

  • We are clear, even at the expense of verbosity—clear, transparent, frequent communication that is delivered and received with equanimity. We clearly express our expectations because unwinding misalignment is better discovered early than late. We embrace radical candor.

  • We build trust, even at the expense of comfort—we build and maintain trust through meeting our commitments, courageously delivering direct and empathetic feedback, steel-manning opposing points of view, and recognizing that we are all here to continuously grow. 

  • We focus. We use our time well and are deliberate about what we work on. We ruthlessly prioritize to have the most impact. We engage while present. We help each other get to the desired output of meetings and identify opportunities to make decisions and move on.

  • We rapidly learn and improve. We wait for nothing and deliver small slices of value frequently, while caring about the quality of our work. We use every opportunity to learn from our customers. We embrace that we make mistakes by owning them quickly and learning from them. We learn new things and bring new ideas back into the team.

  • We are Responsive and help each other out when we can, but respect flow states. We communicate via tiers of urgency, reaching out when we need help and helping those who ask for it, but don’t interrupt each other’s focus for things that can wait.

  • First Principles, Systems Thinking, even at the expense of time—we invest in long-term speed by sometimes slowing down to ensure shared understanding and assumptions on why things are the way they are in the world.

  • We build relationships with each other. We believe better work happens when we relate and empathize with each other. Being remote-first, we carve out time to do this deliberately.

What will you be doing?

We’re looking for a product designer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for:

  • The Design of Avo: You’ll define and design our core product – from user research to strategy to user flows to interactions to polished pixels. You’ll collaborate closely with the development team, product manager and founders to shape complex concepts into actionable pitches (inspired by Shape Up) and work with the team to deliver delightful product experiences.As the sole designer on the team, you will have outsized ownership and impact not just on the product, but also on our brand and visual direction. You’ll be putting the foundations of our design systems in place, and work closely with our go-to-market team on brand and marketing assets so our customers and prospects have an elegant, consistent experience.

  • Build the Company: As one of the first few employees, we rely upon our early team members to help us build the company. Sharing your work, communicating your process, identifying opportunities for improvement, and building our design recruiting brand, so that we can attract more talented people to our company as we scale, will be part of your responsibilities.

Who are we looking for?

  • Complex Design Experience: We’re looking for someone who has a strong portfolio of design work on complex problems and workflows, and is a strong systems thinker.

  • Moves Fast: As an early stage startup, we need to strike a balance between moving fast and building sustainably. We think the best way to do so is to minimize scope, prioritize ruthlessly, and design rigorously so that we’re building for the long haul.

  • Results Driven: Someone who focuses on the purpose of the task at hand and has a strategy in place on how we’ll deliver the results to our users before diving into execution mode.

  • Data Driven: We rely heavily on data to measure the success of our work, extract new learnings and make decisions. Every quarter we set objectives and key results, owned by different individuals on the team. On our weekly metrics review we look at the progress of our key results and the status of our Northstar metrics. You’ll be an active participant in quarterly OKR setting and report on the key results you own on our weekly metrics review. You’ll use Avo to design metrics for measuring success of key results and product initiatives.

  • Shares Our Values: it’s important that we share common values. On design, here are some of the things we value:

    • Intuitive Clarity: we seek to build software that makes tracking plans feel directly manipulatable, like magic ink.

    • Speed: keyboard shortcuts and speedy interactions are table stakes – we’re here to make our users get their job done faster.

    • Power: we value products that exhibit flexibility and composability – while also being elegant to use.

    • Collaborative: more than a tool, our goal is to reshape data culture through social software that integrates with other workflow tools and helps bring teams into alignment.

What is the interview and hiring process like? 

You’ll share your portfolio and answer some questions that relate to your day-to-day job. After the job closes, your answers and portfolio will go through our sift process: all answers will be anonymized, randomized and then reviewed by a panel of reviewers. In order to prevent bias we will not look at your CV until your answers have been anonymously reviewed and the shortlist has been drafted. Read about our commitment to hire talent of diverse backgrounds.

If you are shortlisted, we’ll invite you to the next step, which include projects and interviews. Also, we love giving feedback, so you’ll be able to see how well you performed at each stage of the application process.

Expected duration of this application process is 6-8 weeks. (But hopefully faster 👀)

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