Lead Client Developer

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Travelade is on a journey to make travel more personal

Everyone’s travel style is different – and changes – but too often recommendations of what to do and see don’t take into account your unique travel taste. If you love to travel and know the pain of finding the best personal experiences in every destination, you are already one of the team. Our team consists of people with variable backgrounds and each and everyone with their own unique skill set, bringing us closer to the goal of enjoying our travel adventures.

Travelade has just recently closed a seed funding round of $1.5M and we will use the funding to help our product take off and land in at least 3 new exciting destinations. For this trip we are looking for fellow travelers to join the journey.

Lead Client Developer

As the lead client developer your role will be to make sure our users truly enjoy the product and come back for more. You will work closely with UX and product team as well as the backend. Our current tools are React JS, django and REST. We are a fast growing company and as the lead developer you will have have to do as the title says, lead as new people join the team.

Within 1 month, you will have:

  • Completed the on-boarding to learn about our culture, team and business
  • Gotten familiar to our client codebase
  • Finished your first feature and deployed it
  • Made a draft for a new client testing strategy

Within 3 months, you will have:

  • Gotten familiar to all of our codebase
  • Implemented tests according to the testing strategy
  • Improved the customer onboarding process
  • Made an impact on the booking process and APIs
  • Taken ownership for client related sprint planning and contributed to the client roadmap

Within 6 months, you will have:

  • Trained new team members contributing to the client(s)
  • Taken over the testing and deployment process for the client(s)
  • Taken ownership for client architecture
  • Learned how to play foosball!

Within 12 months, you will have:

  • A team of developers working on web and mobile clients
  • Become one of Travelade’s key product people

Skills & experience

We are looking for someone with rich experience of client development and client architecture. Someone that packs the following skills:

  • A team member
  • Fast learner – Happy to work in an agile, fast-moving environment
  • Lots of experience developing with javascript (React JS or other)
  • Mobile first development and styling
  • AWS experience

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