GitOps / Kubernetes developer

AGR Dynamics 16. Aug 2022 Fullt starf

AGR is looking for a talented GitOps / Kubernetes developer to join our team.


  • Be a part of our engineering team, building a SaaS platform on top of Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Services for inventory optimization

  • Help create an internal, multi-tenant platform built around GitOps approach

  • Help define and create management, security, governance, and monitoring policies around our Kubernetes setup

  • Be a part of our journey to full automation based on Azure, Terraform, GitHub Actions and possibly some of bash

Desired skills

  • Very good Kubernetes knowledge ( having CKAD or CKA would be great )

  • Knowledge of Docker and docker-compose, Helm charts, ArgoCD and the Grafana stack (Tempo, Loki)

  • Degree in Computer Science or comparable education

  • Ability to learn, adapt, and upskill rapidly, based on solid technical grounding.

  • Taking initiative and striving for continuous improvement.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure

  • Knowledge of Terraform

  • Knowledge of .NET Core / C#

About AGR

For over 20 years AGR has helped wholesalers and retailers across Europe and North America turn their supply chain into a competitive advantage by optimizing their inventory, improving service levels, boosting productivity, and ultimately achieving a better bottom line. AGR’s Inventory Optimization solution provides customers with the ultimate supply chain visibility and control, as well as the confidence and agility needed to respond to the frequent changes in supply and demand.

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Please apply through Alfreð or contact Sigrún B. Gunnhildardóttir for more info