Game Designer

Teatime Games 3. Nov 2020 Fullt starf

Teatime is looking for a Game Designer to join our adventure in building the next generation of mobile games.

As a Game Designer, you will work with product managers, designers, and engineers on prototyping, designing, and implementing new game features to our current games and any upcoming titles. You will also design and analyze the game economy to ensure that every system in the game is tuned and plays well together with the rest.

Your main goal is to create desired player experience with the right game economy and feature tuning and make sure we deliver fun and engaging experiences for our players across the world.


  • Game Design of new features
  • Design, balance, and tune game economy
  • Prototyping and iterate on live game features
  • Analyze player behavior and data to improve game balance and experience
  • Optimize and fix bugs in existing gameplay systems
  • Contribute ideas towards all aspects of the game’s production and development


  • Experience in mobile game design
  • Understanding of game economy balancing and tuning designed to create the desired player experience.
  • Strong knowledge in games and the ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the design of existing games
  • Stays up to date with game design trends
  • Enjoys games of all kinds
  • Has demonstrated the ability to adapt and learn quickly


  • Flexible work-hours
  • Family-friendly workplace
  • Smart and experienced coworkers
  • Calm office with a beautiful view
  • Remote friendly workplace
  • Lunch every day with vegan options

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