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Keeps is a startup in the travel tech space. We are looking for Front-End Developer that delivers high quality code and high quality of user experience. You have a great eye for details and no patience for bad user experiences, and not afraid to take initiative and strive for continuous improvement.

Key projects:
-Develop and maintaining customer-facing solutions, with emphasis on scalability
-Colloborate with inhouse designer
-Contribute to discussion on future features

Position requirements:
-Expertise in React and TypeScript: You should have a strong command of React and TypeScript, along with practical experience in Next.js (version 13+).

-Modern CSS Skills: You should be adept at crafting visually appealing user experiences using the latest CSS techniques and tools.

-React Server Components: Familiarity with React Server Components is required, ideally within the context of Next.js.

-Educational Background: A degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or a comparable field is expected.

-Agile and Continuous Delivery: Experience or familiarity with agile methodologies and continuous delivery processes is essential.

-Its a big plus if you have work experience in Back-End development, such as API integrations

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Please apply via email with attached CV