Front End Developer

Men & Mice 14. Jun 2018 Fullt starf

Men & Mice is looking for an exceptional, experienced front end developer to join our core UI team.

This person can:

• Collaborate with their team to develop and implement top-notch UI design.

• Implement high-quality, unit tested, maintainable code, working in an agile environment.

• Demonstrate strong critical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

The right person will have:

• Strong foundation and skills in Javascript, CSS and HTML, demonstrating attention to detail, a UX mindset and an eye for great design.

• Experience working with React.

• Interest in and ability to adapt to changing technologies.

• Passion for creating and making great products and services.

• Great social and communication skills, working effectively both with a diverse team and independently.

• Commitment to team success and meeting project deadlines.

• Ability to contribute positively to team culture and growth.

The ideal person must be able to demonstrate success in this field, with strong recommendations from qualified references.

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If you want to join the Men & Mice team and feel you have the skills and values to positively contribute to a best-in-class team, creating premium IP infrastructure software products for global enterprise companies, get in touch and send us your CV and details at