Digital Product Owner

Íslandsbanka 2. May 2023 Fullt starf

Íslandsbanki is looking for a Digital Product Owner for the Data Warehouse team. 

The primary responsibility of the role is to analyse, define and prioritize solutions related to the integration of the bank‘s data domains into the Data Warehouse and make the integrated data available in access layers for business intelligence, analytics, reporting and insight generation and decision making.

We‘re looking for an independent, driven and service oriented person that‘s highly collaborative and drives everyone around them to excellence.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Participate in product development through cross team collaboration to manage the bank‘s data flows.
  • Analysis, user research and requirements gathering for digital product development related to the construction of strong data foundations.
  • Push for innovation and new digital solutions to help the bank be more data driven.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders to manage the right requirements at the right time and plan the delivery the team’s solutions.


  • Excellent Icelandic and English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ambition and organisational skills to manage product and project delivery
  • Experience analysing and defining data and data models
  • Experience with defining requirements for batch scheduling, chaining and failure design required
  • Experience with SQL and relational databases.
  • Experience with business intelligence tooling.

Advantageous but not a requirement:

  • Working knowledge of software version control concepts and change management processes
  • Experience using ETL tooling and relational databases.
  • Experience with different Data Warehouse model structures.
  • Experience working in banking or Fintech.

Further information

Gissur Jónasson, and Guðlaugur Örn Hauksson, provide futher information regarding this role.  

At Íslandsbanki we have around 700 employees, who share a passion for success and together work on solutions for our customers with professionalism as our guide and to be able to provide the best banking service.

We are proud to have been certified several times for the equal pay standard ÍST85:2012. The certification confirms that systematic work is being done to prevent gender wage gaps and thus promoting gender equality in the labor market. This certification is a natural continuation of the work that has been done within the bank in recent years, as we received the Equality Promotion Award 2016 and PwC’s Gold Medal 2015 and FKA’s Balance Scale (Jafnvægisvog FKA) several years in a row.

At the same time, Íslandsbanki places great emphasis on sustainability issues and supports UN´s Sustainable Development Goal.

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Gissur Jónasson, and Guðlaugur Örn Hauksson, provide futher information regarding this role.