Digital Marketing Associate

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Solid Clouds is an entertainment company dedicated to creating deep, meaningful gaming experiences on PC and Mobile. Our talented, multidisciplinary team strives to always deliver the highest quality gameplay possible. Currently, we are in development for our next game, Starborne: Frontiers.

Job Description:
As our Digital Marketing Associate, you will work closely with our marketing team to plan, research, develop, and publish content. The primary focus is on user acquisition and app installs through managing ad spending and reporting on key indicators across Solid Cloud’s digital media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Ads, Youtube, and others.

* Collaborate with other departments, putting your data-loving mind to good use.
* Contribute to the company culture with positive energy and new ideas.
* Grow in an entrepreneurial environment that provides autonomy and opportunity.
* Help us build an online presence and achieve our goals through digital marketing.
* Work collaboratively with team members and stakeholders to generate and optimize marketing creatives.
* Brainstorms new and creative ways of identifying specific target audiences; ensures marketing is fully integrated with advertising platforms to capitalize on audience targeting.

Required skills:
* Innate ability to think creatively and strategically.
* Strong ability to troubleshoot and solve challenges under pressure.
* Emotional maturity and self-starting motivation to work independently.
* Technical, analytical, and organizational skills.
* 1+ years of digital marketing experience. A university degree, or other equivalent certification.
* Knowledge of current marketing concepts, terminology, and strategies.
* Willingness to perform other related duties as required.

Nice to have
* Proficiency in working with marketing, communication, and design tools.
* Strong knowledge of digital marketing tools, processes, and technology.
* Ability to review reports, interpret data, and create actionable next steps based on the results.

Relocation packages are available with possible accommodations and tax benefits.

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