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Are you up to speed and willing to learn more about all the different build systems and automation servers? Do you want to assist software development teams set up and optimize their build and deployment processes? Are you adept at operating and maintaining the tools needed for that?

WuXi NextCODE is looking for a person to lead a cross functional team that will do exactly that. As a development support / build engineer, you will work with development teams to identify their needs and opportunities for improvements when it comes to their build / CI / CD pipelines. You will manage the services related to that, such as automation servers (Jenkins, TeamCity, etc), source code repositories (Bitbucket, GitHub), code analytics services (SonarQube), artifact repositories (Artifactory, DockerHub) and more, whether they’re running in-house or as a service in the cloud. You will also help them set up continuous security scans for their docker images and other deliverables. We’re looking for a person with a can-do attitude and disciplined and organized work ethics.

Key qualifications

  • 3+ years experience with software development and/or Unix/Linux IT operations

  • Experience with any or all of the tools mentioned above

  • A thorough understanding of continuous integration and continuous delivery

  • A good understanding of build tools (gradle, rake)

Experience with the following will put you at the top of our list

  • Ansible

  • Docker

  • Jenkins

  • SonarQube

  • Artifactory

  • Kubernetes

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