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Gangverk is looking to hire a Delivery Lead to join our growing organisation. As a Delivery Lead you’ll work closely with product owners, tech leads, designers, and our clients to map out projects, work with teams to implement and develop agile processes, define product vision, and deliver quality products.

In general, we need people that can help us drive vision, product development, innovation and can find simple solutions to complex problems. We’re looking for team players that value opinions other than their own, look to data to support their decisions, take initiative and make things better. Ideal candidates are curious and eager to learn, are comfortable with ambiguity and a fast paced, ever changing environment. You will be working with wonderful teams building applications that will be used by thousands of customers on some of the highest value per purchase marketplaces in the world.

You are:

  • An Agile pro: you’ve successfully lead teams using a variety of practices including but not limited to: Scrum, Kanban and Lean Product Management; you take a holistic, systems-thinking view of the product life cycle and adapt processes accordingly.
  • A delivery-focused leader: you guide teams down the right paths even if they’re unpopular or difficult to traverse to ensure they provide optimal value; your unshakeable confidence and cool head make others look towards you when sirens are blaring and all hell is breaking loose.
  • A motivational mentor: you keep teams focused on results, growth and actionable feedback; you’re emotionally attuned to others and are open about your own feelings, which helps you resolve conflicts quickly, comfortably, and respectfully.
  • A user-focused thinker: you view our products holistically from the user’s perspective, driving a focus for maximum user experience.

You’ll be:

  • Working closely with the teams and organisation as a whole to implement and iterate on processes and work systems.
  • Working closely with our client and their Product Owners to identify goals and milestones, slicing down features, planning release, optimising technology and delivering world class product.
  • Facilitating the process the team creates (like plannings, retros, workshops, and so forth).
  • Making sure the team has what great product teams nead: vision, skills, clear goals, and so forth. Continuously unblocking them.
  • Participate in all stages of organisational development.
  • Fostering alignment within your teams and the organisation as a whole.


  • Flexible working hours and work from home policy
  • Whatever equipment you need for work
  • Accrued mobile phone grants
  • Exercise grant for employees to keep fit and healthy (there’s a small community of crossfitters, don’t worry – they will tell you all about it)
  • Healthy lunch delivered to the office (multiple options, including vegan) and lunch cards from various restaurants when we go out for lunch. We also offer snacks and fruits in the office (We try to keep it relatively healthy)
  • Active fun committee and regular social gatherings like company skiing trips and team trips.
  • And more…


At Gangverk we welcome you for who you are and wherever you come from. We welcome diversity and believe that only a versatile group of people can solve the hardest problems, and so do our clients.

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