Data oriented Developers (Anti-malware)

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Cyren is looking for developers to join the anti-malware automation team in Iceland which handles development and maintenance of anti-malware products and automation. The team is made up of five women and seven men, aged 25 to 46. We help each other out and focus on combined efforts and teamwork. At Cyren you will get an opportunity to work with and learn from talented people who have been in the computer security industry for years. We have been innovators in computer security for over 3 decades. Developing security products that are being used world wide by the biggest players in the computer/information industry. The Cyren offices are located in Hafnarfjörður which means most employees avoid rush-hour traffic. It is a family friendly place to work at with flexible working hours and a possibility for a mix of remote/on-site working arrangement.

Main tasks and responsibilities
– Create efficient data pipelines for storing, organizing and mining enormous quantities of data
– Be part of a team that builds, maintains automation systems for classifying malware (viruses, ransomware, worms, etc) efficiently, to improve speed, scalability and quality
– Work on critical systems, considering all aspects including design, development and deployability
– Collaborate with international teams
– Experience working with malware and anti-malware technologies

Education and qualification requirements
– Software engineering/programming experience
– Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (or equivalent)
– Proficient in English, verbal and written

– Playroom and cafeteria on the premises
– Bicycle storage room in office with maintenance equipment
– Subsidized lunch
– Access to beverages, snacks, etc.

Software we use and opportunities to learn:
• Development in Linux environment
• Adapting to Agile software development methodologies
• Language/Scripting: Python, Go, C & Bash
• Current tools/Frameworks: Git, Yara, GNU, YaraML, Docker, Kubernetes,
• Kafka, Elasticsearch, MySQL & Redis

Interesting facts:

  • Our team of 10 employees came 2nd among companies in the 2019 Wow Cyclothon, and 5th overall
  • Have won company and exemplary company of the year in the past, awarded by VR
  • We still have our complete collection of malware, in the state it was in as of 1996! As a wall of 5 1⁄4-inch floppies!

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Please send an application to before November 8th.