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We are looking for a proactive and tech-savvy Customer Success Engineer to join our team and help our clients maximize the value they get from our products.

Job description:

As a Customer Success Engineer at 50skills, you’ll be a pivotal player in driving customer growth and retention. Your role is not just about onboarding; it’s about empowering our clients to achieve more with our products, particularly Journeys.

Your main task will be to ensure that new customers hit the ground running in Journeys, by offering them a smooth client onboarding process where you deep dive into their processes and help them move from manual work to automation 🚀

You will also focus on our customers’ long-term success and engagement with our products.

Impact description:

Within 1 month, you’ll have:

  • Immersed yourself in our culture and operational methodologies through our comprehensive onboarding program.
  • Mastered the core features and value propositions of our SaaS products during our sales, product and customer-onboarding training boot camp.
  • Met with some of our customers, learned about the problems they are trying to solve, and helped solve them using Journeys.
  • Set performance targets for new and existing customers and draft a roadmap to achieve these objectives.

Within 3 months, you’ll have:

  • Developed and implemented a dynamic customer onboarding strategy, with regular reporting of the process of customers currently in the onboarding process
  • Become proficient in setting up and optimizing various HR processes using Journeys
  • Created engaging and helpful content for new Journeys users
  • Met new customers for 1:1 sessions to assist them building valuable Journeys

Within 12 months, you’ll have:

  • Optimized our customer onboarding process and established effective reporting of our customers’ statuses
  • Produced a diverse range of impactful content, helping customers maximize their value from Journeys
  • Implemented a measurable strategy to re-engage inactive customers and boost Journeys usage among current customers

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and follow a tailored onboarding success plan for our Journey customers
  • Actively seeking out current clients who have the potential to further utilize our products or services, establishing communication with them, and making a compelling argument for expanded use
  • Assist customers to automate their people processes in our products
  • Deeply understand the challenges in HR processes in order to provide outstanding consultation to customers on how and which processes they can streamline using Journeys
  • Create content to help our customers get up and running faster
  • Conduct meetings with clients to help them improve their current Journeys and see new ways to use Journeys
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and usage data, intervening to re-engage inactive clients
  • Nurture and create, strong, long-lasting customer relationships
  • Communicate client statuses with monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders

Required skills and experience:

  • Proactive, independent and innovative
  • Strong technical abilities
  • Exceptional communication skills coupled with empathy for customers
  • Great problem-solving capabilities
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; a degree in engineering/computer science is a plus
  • Fluency in English; fluency in Icelandic is advantageous
  • Prior experience in HR is advantageous

Company overview:

50skills is a young company in the first stages of growth, empowering HR teams to automate their people processes and build extraordinary employee experiences.

We are looking for the right person to become an integral part of the team and take part in the expansion ahead. We’re driven, innovative but most importantly, we are a really lovely team of professionals who love what we do.

We want to have our workplace as diverse as possible and sincerely encourage all genders and ethnicities to apply.

Our offices are located at Katrínartún 4, Reykjavik, Iceland.

What we offer:

  • We have a family-friendly work environment with a flexible work-from-home policy
  • Gym membership
  • Paid internet for your mobile and home
  • Lunch at one of the best canteens in the country
  • Bus membership (we support employees who use public transportation)


For any questions regarding the position, please contact Kristín Helga Magnúsdóttir, VP Business Development (

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