Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer (mid, senior & partner level)

Orbit 29. Sep 2022 Fullt starf

Orbit is looking for a Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer to join our small but growing team of experienced IT change catalysts. We’re building a diverse team of individuals that are passionate about leaving their positive mark on the enterprise IT scene.

We help organisations become more efficient and competitive by seizing the opportunities presented by a cloud-native, collaborative & DevOps oriented future. Our purpose is to inspire, empower and increase the velocity of IT & development teams around the world.

Grow your career, capabilities and sought-after skills in a competitive and supportive environment

Once fully up to speed you will find yourself working for domestic and international clients across different industries:

  • Architecting cloud-native infrastructures and designing solutions that match customer needs
  • Building infrastructure with emphasis on reliability, security, observability, automation and cost efficiency
  • Explaining technical concepts to stakeholders of different technical level and educating clients on best practices
  • Serving as a trusted advisor to organisations driving projects from concept to completion and guiding them to success on their cloud journey

The must-haves, nice-to-haves & great-to-haves

We don’t expect you (or us for that matter) to fulfil all of the desired requirements from day one – But ambition, curiosity, and a customer centric attitude will take us a long way. We will in return provide you with support and opportunities to fast track your personal growth.

We would require you to at least:

  • Have a solid engineering / technical background
  • Be proficient in one or more programming and scripting languages
  • Feel at home when working in the shell, using CLI tools and writing scripts for repetitive tasks
  • Have a good general understanding of public cloud technologies and modern software delivery models

Ideally you tick a handful of the following boxes:

  • Hands-on experience with Azure (or another cloud platform; AWS, GCP etc.) is a big advantage
  • You have worked with Linux and container based technologies
  • Fluency in version control procedures is important – experience building CI/CD pipelines even better
  • Understanding or interest in Application Security, Identity & Access Management, and Security Configuration Management is considered a plus
  • Having relevant cloud technology certifications (or the ability to attain one quickly) would be useful but not necessary (Azure or AWS/GCP)
  • Prior experience with automation and IaC tools (Terraform, Pulumi, Bicep, ARM or similar) would be awesome but not necessary
  • All-in-all we’re looking for someone with a sound background that has the ability to spot opportunities of standardising work, automating repetitive tasks, documenting standard operating procedures and pro-actively communicating insightful findings with customers and co-workers. This is perhaps the most vital element for us to be able to build a successful and scalable business

Furthermore we realize that putting you on track to become a partner at Orbit would make sense if you really excel in at least one of the following:

  • Proven track record in presenting your ideas, convincing stakeholders and delivering on business critical software or infrastructure projects in the enterprise IT scene
  • You possess deep hands-on technical expertise in multiple relevant technologies and methods mentioned above and you’ve shown the ability to raise the bar in the projects/teams you are part of
  • You have demonstrated inherent ability to network and build relationships with relevant customer decision makers or demonstrated great capabilities when it comes to creating communities and awareness around things you’re passionate about (meet-ups, user groups etc.)

We encourage individuals of all genders and backgrounds to apply!

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