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🥳 Join us in creating a happier world! 🥳

We believe work should be fun, and you should feel excited to get to work on Mondays.

If you are the kind of person who can’t help but make everyday things more fun, more competitive, or more enjoyable, we may be looking for you.

Smitten is pioneering a new era in how single people lead their lives. Smitten is on a mission to create a happier world, bringing single people together with a fun and creative approach to online dating.

While talent is a close second, we hire for cultural fit first. We believe the key to success is how we communicate with each other, internally and externally. Communication is an enormous part of our company culture and the product. While you don’t have to be a people-skills expert when you join Smitten, you will grow to become exceptional at giving and receiving feedback, taking responsibility, feeling empathy, etc.

You may be a team fit if you:

  • Have a deep, almost bizarre, passion for your work
  • Are confident in your skillset
  • Are humble enough to know you still have a lot to learn
  • Want to become better in people skills
  • Have an extraordinary high standard to do a good job
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Believe life and work should be an incredible, fun experience

Below are a bunch of things about how you will personally impact the product and, consequently, the lives of (one day) hundreds of millions of people. Before you check that out, does your gut feeling tell you that you want to work with us? If yes, keep reading; if not, that’s alright; we are not everyone’s type.

Back-end Developer

As one of the first hired back-end developers, you will help grow and scale our back-end hosted on AWS.

Within one month, you will have:

  • Developed a good understanding of Smitten’s product and tech stack
  • Helped prepare the back-end to scale in new regions
  • Gotten familiar with the back-end structure
  • Helped develop some exciting new features for the mobile app
  • Written unit test and enforced linting rules on the codebase
  • Had a taste of Smitten’s company culture

Within three months, you will have:

  • Minimized durations of our CI builds
  • Developed functionality for multiple features that Smitten has in its pipelines
  • Helped form workflows and practices that future developers of Smitten will follow
  • Optimized some of Smittens most crucial queries and other services
  • Impacted and helped shape our company culture

Within six months, you will have:

  • Prepared the backend for further scale
  • Worked on ML features to improve matching algorithms
  • Participated in scaling Smitten into new markets
  • Diversified our data storage options

Within a year, you will have:

  • Moved much of our data layer to corresponding storage locations
  • Optimized utilization of AWS services, e.g., S3, RDS and Redis
  • Developed multiple new features in Smitten
  • Taken part in an incredible journey growing the most fun workplace in the world

Skills & relevant experience

We are open to high-potential candidates with a variety of experience and expertise but would especially welcome candidates with some of the following experience, skills & characteristics:

  • A deep understanding and experience with AWS
  • Experience with scripting and Infrastructure as Code tools
  • Experience with Postgresql, or other SQL databases
  • Can-do mindset and experience working in an agile, fast-moving startup environment
  • Deep understanding and experience with Python
  • Experience building scalable backend services
  • A “driver’s” mindset – An internally motivated individual who picks up tasks instead of leaving them for someone else.
  • Believes work should be fun

Last but not least – Perks, Comps & Benefits

We are a team of ambitious, highly motivated, and driven people who love what they do. We need people who share our vision for work and ethics to become a global dominator in our space! You will have a significant impact on our culture and the company’s future!

We believe work should be fun, and it should support, even supercharge, your personal and professional growth. In addition to giving you a stock option plan, where you get shares in the company, we offer many perks and benefits. You will, of course, get the necessary gadgets to do your work, such as a new phone, computer, noise-canceling headphones, etc. You will have semi-flexible working hours and we provide free lunch and snacks at the office.

We know that some opportunities are too good to pass up, so we have a rule called #SmittenPrivilege, which lets you ditch work to do shit you love. Want to go golfing on a Wednesday morning? #SmittenPrivilege! Need to leave early on Friday? #SmittenPrivilege! Too drunk on a Monday morning to get to work? Well… we may need to talk about how we can join your Sunday club.

And last but not least, you are not the only one joining the Smitten family. Your family and friends are too! We encourage you to have the occasional lunch with your mom or friend you haven’t heard from in a while, and we’ll pick up the tab!

If you want to join us in creating a happier world, we would love to hear from you!

Ps. We are a well-funded startup and will be scaling into new markets in the coming weeks and months!

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