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Stack ehf. 14. Oct 2021 Freelance

Do you want to join a skilled, ambitious team and work with exciting startups in the UK and Scandinavia? Stack is looking to grow the app team exponentially, by increasing the number of app developers from 2^0 to 2^1.

About us

Stack is a product development agency that works primarily with European startups by providing a drop-in product team.

We have a small, tight-knit team that punches well above its weight, can move fast and get a whole lot of work done. Some of our previous projects include a Personal Finance Management app with a salary advance and a contactless P2P payment platform in collaboration with Sweden’s largest payment app.

One of the current projects is in collaboration with a UK-based fintech that is launching a financial app and a payment card in Q1 2022.

About you

  • You can be either junior or senior, but most importantly ambitious and eager to learn.

  • You like diverse and challenging projects.

  • You are familiar with a programming language and know your way around a keyboard.

  • You can solve practical real-world problems with code.

  • A degree in a related field, B.Sc. or more, is a benefit but not a requirement.


  • Freedom: this can be structured as a freelance gig or a full-time employment.

  • Flexibility: we’ve been working remotely for years and have established smooth processes for remote work. We currently have a hybrid structure, a bit of both WFH and WFO each week.

  • Office in Borgartún, Reykjavík with an amazing espresso machine.

  • We’re all development minded, that means we don’t like endless context switching and long meetings about nothing.

  • We’re all in agreement about Tabs vs. Spaces.

The exciting stuff

We develop all our apps in React Native/TypeScript. Backend is implemented in Node/Express/TypeScript. We have established smooth workflows with OpenAPI and auto-generated types between app and backend.

All infrastructure is hosted on AWS and templated in CloudFormation. Everything is containerized with Docker, runs in ECS or Lamba and exposed via API Gateway.

We have CI/CD pipelines everywhere. For building apps, pushing to TestFlight and AppStore. For building the backend, running tests and deploying infrastructure.

If some of these concepts are foreign to you, that’s OK. We don’t expect you to know everything, but we expect you to want to know a bit about everything.

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