Agile Coach

Icelandair 15. Feb 2018 Fullt starf

Icelandair Digital Labs is looking for an Agile Coach who has a passion for working with people in development teams, helping them succeeding in reaching their goals.

For potential Agile Coaches we’re seeking someone who has great people skills and can facilitate good and open communication within the team. The Agile Coach should be the one who encourages and challenges the team to constantly improve, leading to better quality products so we can excel in customer service through refreshing digital experience.

Ideal skills:

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree or combination of relevant education and experience.
  • Great interpersonal skills, ability to work with diverse personality types from different backgrounds.
  • Experience in mentoring and coaching on personal and team development.
  • Excellent facilitation skills.
  • Good understanding and experience of agile software development methodology.
  • Strong communication, organization and management skills.

Highly desired characteristics:

  • Thrives on helping others succeed and is constantly looking for ways to help teams achieve their maximum potential.
  • Has a positive attitude and motivates people around her/him.
  • Senses difficulties early and challenges the team to resolve them in a constructive manner.
  • Is passionate about both team health and product outcome.

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If this gets you excited and you think you have what it takes you should get in touch and send us your CV and details at

For more information about this position and about Icelandair Digital Labs, please visit our website