Agile Coach / Frontend Developer / DevOps Engineer / Mobile App Developer

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Icelandair Digital Labs – Open Job Positions

We are looking for the right people to join our teams in the Digital Labs at Icelandair Head Office in Reykjavik. Here at Icelandair, ambitious, competent and motivated people can really make a difference. If you are innovative, passionate, curious and ready to work in an experimental and collaborative environment, we would love to hear from you!

Agile Coach Icelandair Digital Labs is looking for an Agile Coach who has a passion for working with people in development teams, helping them succeeding in reaching their goals. The coach is the one who encourages and challenges the teams to constantly improve, leading to better quality products. Agile Coach

Front-end Developer We are looking for Front-end Developers who know software development inside and out and are passionate about making cutting edge software. We are looking for fast learners who are curious to try the latest technology with the ability to design, develop and deliver high-quality software. Fron-tend Developer

DevOps Engineer We want to hire an experienced DevOps Engineer who knows software development inside and out and is passionate about deploying software fast and efficiently. This DevOps Engineer is on the never-ending quest for automating as much of the deployment pipeline as possible as well as making sure the operations environment runs smoothly. We are looking for a fast learner who is curious to make use of the latest technology to script, automate, deploy, monitor and operate high-quality software in a cloud environment. DevOps Engineer

Mobile App Developer We are looking to hire a Mobile App Developer who knows app development inside and out and has the desire to build outstanding customer experience for Icelandair’s customers. We offer you an exciting opportunity in the multifaceted, fast changing aviation and travel industry. With us you will have the opportunity to take part in creating delightful travel experience and contribute to our digital transformation journey. Mobile App Developer

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Feel like you’ll fit right in? Don’t see anything that fits you? Don’t worry! Our team is constantly growing so if you think you’ve got what it takes to join Digital Labs and contribute in making refreshing digital experiences for our customers, you should send us your CV and we’ll keep you in mind when we start looking for talents.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at