QA Specialist / Software Tester

Icelandair 22. Ágúst 2017 Fullt starf

We want to hire a Quality Assurance Specialist or Software Tester who is passionate about delivering high-quality software and user experience. We are looking for someone who is patient enough to test things over and over again and give no slack when it comes to launching a great experience for all our customers.

Our testers are a part of the Icelandair Digital Labs where customer focused innovation is the name of the game. We work in teams where the team has a lot of freedom to decide what works and what does not in terms of methods, tools and technology. Testers are responsible for the accurate testing and evaluation of web- and mobile software programs against design specifications, user requirements and/or other sources to ensure the highest quality. Our methods are collaborative, our group is inclusive, and our minds are exploratory. We encourage skill building, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.

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If this gets you excited and you think you have what it takes you should get in touch and send us your CV and details at

For more information about this position and about Icelandair Digital Labs, please visit our website